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The Importance Of Restricted Keys For Business Owners

by Sandra Gallardo

As a business owner, you put a lot of trust into the hands of employees who must open the business, close the business, and access specific areas. As you plan safe measures to keep your business protected, you should consider the use of restricted keys.

A restricted key provides extra layers of protection from the key itself and can ensure you do not run into major problems down the line. Learn the importance of these keys and the options you have when you work with a commercial locksmith.

Restricted Key Duplication

One of the main protections a restricted key provides is protection over duplication. With imprints like "Do Not Duplicate" printed right on the key, a person cannot just take the key to any location and have it copied. This means that when an employee quits or gets fired, the key they returned is the only one they have. They cannot legally have any copies of that key.

The extra safeguard will give you peace of mind and prevent the need to constantly have to change locks or increase security around your business.

Restricted Key Protocol

If you do need keys copied for your business, then there is a certain protocol to follow. First, you can assign specific people to make the key duplicates. Only the people on the approved list can have duplicates made. The restricted key can only be duplicated by the locksmith who make the key. You cannot go to another locksmith or key service for duplication.

Once you arrive to have the key copied, you will show your ID and sign a signature card to confirm that you approved the duplication. The signature card serves importance as it establishes the history of keys and duplication. Not only can you sign the card, but you can see how many other copies of the key were made and when they were made.

Restricted Key Names

When you inquire a locksmith about a restricted key, you may hear the keys referred to by a variety of names. For example, a locksmith may call the key a high-security key. Besides the name, you need to know the importance of defining just exactly what the high security and restrictions mean.

Not only may the keys have different names, but they could have specialty shapes and designs that make them even harder to duplicate illegally. A locksmith could have licensed their own unique key shape to use within the design and help improve the security of your business.

Contact commercial security services to help set up a restricted key for your business and improve overall security.