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What Are The Benefits Of A Commercial Automatic Gate?

by Sandra Gallardo

Automatic gates are security tools that can be used to control access to indoor and outdoor spaces. Motion sensors, key cards, and passcodes provide versatile ways for authorized guests to validate their entry. Business owners can take advantage of automatic gates specifically designed for commercial use. These gates are made with durable parts that can stand up to high-volume use. Here are four things that you can do with commercial automatic gates: 

1. Keep unauthorized cars out of your parking lot

In many places, parking is extremely valuable. Providing parking to your employees and customers can add value to their experience at your company. Commercial automatic gates are an easy way to control access to your parking lot. Key cards and passcodes can allow staff members access to employee-only parking zones. Automatic gates controlled by motion sensors can allow access to customers while still providing an effective deterrent for non-customers.

2. Free up your security team

Without effective systems in place, human security guards must carefully manage each aspect of security. This can be expensive and inefficient. You can cut down on security man-hours and ensure that your security personnel are available to handle unexpected situations that arise by installing automatic gates. Automatic gates allow people to enter and exit the premises without direct supervision. Your automatic commercial gates can be paired with security cameras to keep track of the people who enter and exit your facility for even greater security.

3. Choose the level of security that your facility requires

Commercial automatic gates can allow business owners to customize their facilities' level of security. Simple parking barrier gates consisting of a single horizontal bar may be sufficient for businesses with low-security needs. Companies with greater security needs can take advantage of vertical lift gates and horizontal swinging gates that can be easily integrated into fences and other barriers.

4. Take advantage of energy-saving options

Some business owners are hesitant to install electronic gates due to concerns about the amount of power they will consume. However, commercial automatic gates can be installed with solar panels to provide power on sunny days. A solar-powered automatic gate can allow you to take advantage of enhanced security for your company without inflating your business's utility bills. Commercial automatic gates that utilize solar energy are still connected to the power grid so they will continue to function even on cloudy days and at night.

Contact a local security service to learn more about commercial automatic gates.