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3 Factors CCTV Pros Consider When Calculating Installation Costs

by Sandra Gallardo

Do you need professional CCTV security system installation with the numerous installation DIY guides on the internet? Risking your security to save a few dollars isn't a wise decision. You need to employ effective measures to protect yourself, your business, and your belongings from prying eyes. For a CCTV system to be effective, consider professional CCTV system installation. Here are three factors that CCTV professionals consider when computing the installation cost.

Area to be Covered

A bigger area and the need for in-depth cover will need more cameras. Besides, you need high-resolution cameras and a good field of vision for large areas. If your property needs unique angles, additional lighting, night vision, or other upgrades, the higher installation cost.

There is also a difference in cost for indoor and outdoor installation. Most outdoor installations need higher definition cameras to capture intricate details like the face, identification marks, and license plates. Additionally, they need to be weatherproof to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, most indoor cameras are low resolution and don't need weatherproofing; hence, cheaper to install.

Distance Between DVR to Cameras

How far will the camera be from the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)? The length of the cables also influences installation costs. If you want a CCTV system installed in a large building, for example, commercial premises, the distance between DVR and camera will be longer. So, you will need more cabling.

It will cost more compared to installing a camera that will be nearer to the DVR. You can, however, reduce the costs of more cabling by planning and finding a strategic place for your cameras. 

Camera Monitoring

Do you need system monitoring services to offer extra protection? Most CCTV system installation companies offer security feed monitoring. These service providers can view your cameras, although they add privacy safeguards. In most cases, the system will have a motion detector. 

When the detector identifies a potential threat, the control center monitoring your system is notified, and they immediately call the relevant authorities. Note that camera monitoring service is different from home security monitoring. If you need camera monitoring services, you will pay an additional charge, increasing the overall installation cost.

Conclusion: Invest in the Security of Your Home or Business Today

Security should always be at the top of your priorities. Unfortunately, the price will always be a factor for any investment, including adding a CCTV system to your premises. However, avoid doing DIY installations to save on costs. DIY installations without the necessary skills might make the system ineffective, void the CCTV system warranty or destroy the system. It is a good idea to always seek professional services for your CCTV system installation.