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How Can a Home Automation System Help You as a Caregiver?

by Sandra Gallardo

Are you concerned about your patient's security when you are away? A home automation system can be of great help in ensuring the security of your patient when you are absent. Here is how a home automation system can improve security for a vulnerable patient. 

24/7  Monitoring with Security Cameras 

Remote monitoring of events at home when you are away is the first step in securing your patient. Some nefarious characters target homes with the elderly because they identify them as soft targets. You can block their efforts by monitoring entry points like the gate, front door, windows, and the back door.  Today's security cameras are equipped with motion sensors. They will send out alerts when they sense unexpected motion. These alerts are sent to your phone. You can then log in to your camera control panel and see what is happening, and alert law enforcement if there is an active threat happening.  Video doorbell cameras with voice communication are essential in controlling entry into the house. When you are away, the patient can see who is at the door and determine whether to allow them in without walking to the door and exposing themselves. But security concerns are not about external threats only. Security cameras also help you monitor the patient's behavior. You can see when the patient is showing risky behavior and is a danger to themselves. It enables you to take quick action, for example, calling a secondary caregiver or the authorities.

Improve Home and Personal Security with Automated Lighting 

Automated lights are key components in an automated home system. They act as a deterrent against criminals. Automated lights at strategic points can switch on and off using motion sensor triggers. You can also program them to switch on and off at specific times since the patient may not remember to switch them on and off.  You can also program automated lights in the house to switch on as the patient walks around. There are voice-activated cameras as well. It ensures their safety when going to the bathroom or kitchen in the night.  

Fall Monitoring with a Fall Detection Device

Elderly people are vulnerable to life-threatening falls, especially on slippery surfaces like the bathroom. A fall detection device can tell when there is an accident and send out an alert. The few minutes' early warning can make a big difference. Home automation can be of great help in caregiving by protecting the patient when the caregiver is away. Talk to a security systems provider to assess how a home automation system can serve you.