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3 Reasons To Install Fire Alarm Sprinklers In Your Kitchen

by Sandra Gallardo

Upgrading your home with fire sprinklers can help stop a fire and cut out a lot of damage before the fire department arrives. There are three reasons that sprinklers can help reduce the damage in your kitchen. Using a professional contractor to upgrade the sprinklers can go a long way in properly protecting your home. Learning about the various benefits can help you improve the safety conditions of your kitchen.

Heat Sensing Sprinklers

Instead of going off at the first sign of smoke, a home sprinkler installation is activated based off of heat sensors. This means that the sprinkler will not randomly go off for a small smoking incident. Instead, the sprinkler can detect the heat of the fire and aim precisely at that when the fire starts.

Sprinklers are typically activated when the area of the flames reaches around 135 to 165 degrees. This can help quickly put out the flames and prevent the fire from spreading throughout the kitchen. There is no need to wait to grab a fire extinguisher or wait for professionals to arrive. The sprinklers can instantly start putting out the fire. Using your own water, it will not release chemicals or other substances into a kitchen like a fire extinguisher would.

Sidewall Sprinklers

Appliances in the kitchen like an oven vent or hanging microwave may prevent a ceiling sprinkler from reaching the flame. A sidewall sprinkler can help reduce the flames from spread by shooting water underneath the appliances and reaching more areas of the kitchen.

A sidewall sprinkler installation is ideal for near sink areas or entryways of the kitchen. It can create a wall of water to help put out flames and prevent fires from reaching additional rooms. When the sprinkler is not in use, a decorative cover will help it blend naturally to the surroundings.

Single Sprinkler Activation

In the movies, a fire scene in a home or business often shows a collection of sprinklers drenching a whole room. This is not how real sprinklers work when they are installed in a home. Each sprinkler is activated individually based on the heat. Instead of all of the sprinklers going off at once, only the sprinklers that are needed will go off.

Water damage will be reduced in multiple areas of the kitchen. This includes floors and furniture that may not react well to heavy flows of water. Appliances that are situated away from the flames may also see a reduction in damage when the sprinkler water does not reach them. It can also help protect valuable foods located in pantries or freezers. If extra sprinklers are activated as a fire spreads, the water damage will likely be a lot less than the damage that a full kitchen fire would cause.

Contact a company about the installation of fire alarm sprinklers. It can make a huge difference for the safety of your home and installation is usually an easy task that is completed within a couple of days. After the installation, you have the possibility to help increase your home value or insurance rates. For more information, talk to a professional like Southern Maine Cabling.