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How To Keep Your Home Secure While On Vacation

by Sandra Gallardo

A good home security system isn't the only thing you need to keep your home free from thieves while you are away on vacation. To prevent losses and keep your home looking beautiful, take these steps to secure your home when you are out of town.

Avoid Social Media During Your Trip

You may want to share all the great pictures from your trip or "check in" at a famous tourist destination, but making these announcements can be bad for your home's security. Some would-be thieves spend their time on social media looking for people who have announced to the world that their homes are empty and ready to be burgled. Wait until you get home from your trip before you share pictures of your grand adventure.

Have Your Lawn Mowed/Sidewalks Plowed

Long tall grass can be a dead giveaway that you are out of town. Hire a local landscaping company to maintain your lawn while you are gone to give your home a neat, tidy appearance and to keep would-be thieves at bay. If you vacation in the winter, make arrangements to have your sidewalk and driveway shoveled and salted.

Contact Your Alarm Company

You should always let your alarm company when you are going on vacation. By letting them know the dates and times you'll be gone, the company can look for clues that someone is attempting a break-in that they might not usually consider odd. Any attempts to unlock your security system from inside the home will be investigated to keep your home secure.

Install Lights That Operate Remotely

Keeping your lights on timers is a dated idea. Thieves can tell that your lights go on at exactly the same time every evening, so they may not even be deterred by this when looking for a home to rob. You can, however, throw thieves off track by operating your lights remotely via your smartphone. Talk to your home security company about setting up this feature. It lets you turn on all the lights at the same time or power on certain lights in the home. By operating your lights this way at different times each day, you can create the illusion of someone always being home.

Of course, you'll still want to follow tried and true home security tips, like ensuring your window and door locks are in good working condition. Securing your home before you leave on vacation can help to give you peace of mind while you enjoy your travel adventure.